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Art FlyingJeanne Hoffman (Le Chic Geek) has a neat post on her travel habits here. I try and fail to develop routines–at the suggestion of my friend and coach Jason Womack, I used to write where I was and what I was doing on the bathroom mirror with an expo marker every time I stayed in a hotel. It was a very good habit, and one I should pick up again.

To the extent that I now have travel “rituals,” they’re mostly bad–eating like I did in high school, for example.

When I fly first class my routine is to bust out my laptop, get a cup of coffee, and get to work as quickly as I can. That’s harder to do in coach–even if I’m sitting in the more comfortable “economy comfort” seats toward the front of the cabin.

I know intellectually that habits are important. I nonetheless find them hard to establish. What do you think I should do on my next trip? Thanks in advance–

Now bounce over to Jeanne’s blog and leave your suggestion there, as well.

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