Eating in Moderation from The Onion

I’ve learned that for me, going to a restaurant is sometimes like taking an alcoholic to a bar. I have a wholly dysfunctional relationship with food. This wasn’t a problem when I was a teenager who could eat anything in any quantity and stay rail-thin, but as my metabolism slowed into adulthood it started to become a bit of an issue then more of an issue and now I’m tipping the scales at about 250, which is about fifteen pounds heavier than I was when, as a second-year graduate student, I saw that I had gotten up to 235 and decided I needed to lose some weight.

I, therefore, found this article from The Onion both hilarious and depressing.

Gorging on an obscene amount of really bad-for-me food is pretty easy. My real Man v. Food struggle—and I suspect it’s a struggle for a lot of people—is moderation.

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