A Multitasking Superduo: Noise-Cancelling Headphones & Mic

I dictated what’s below while walking into the wind:

The next few minutes are going to be a test of the voice to text capabilities of the Bose noise canceling headphones boom microphone. In a couple different contexts, I’m going to see whether the noise-canceling boom microphone that I just bought does, in fact, cancel the noise that I want canceled.

I just walked outside. There’s a light breeze blowing and this is a prime example of a situation in which normal dictation would not work as well as I would like because of the ambient noise.

It appears that the microphone works exactly the way I want. Therefore, this is probably a pretty good purchase on my part. It’s an expensive complement to an already expensive good–that good being my Bose QC 35 noise-canceling headphones–but for someone who wants to dictate while walking or working out or doing anything in an environment that might be somewhat noisy, it strikes me as an almost ideal purchase.

After reading what I have produced so far, it’s clear that the noise cancellation technology is working extremely well. Right now I’m walking into a breeze and dictating this text as I go.

The fact that I can plug these into a nice comfortable pair of headphones makes walking and dictating a lot easier than it was when I was wearing earbuds and trying to dictate into the small microphone that accompanies my iPhone. I discovered last year that dictating voice to text while walking on a windy day is just generally not something that’s going to happen with standard iPhone earbuds. With this combination of the Bose headset and the noise-canceling microphone, I do have to enunciate carefully but I can still get a decent amount of writing done while I walk about.

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