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Emma Maersk: World’s Largest Cargo Ship

Here’s an interesting documentary on the Emma Maersk, an ultra-large container ship. It’s worth 45 minutes of your time–as you watch, consider just how many people–and how many jurisdictions–are involved in what you see. In the video, Emma Maersk is carrying over 10,000 containers of cargo. Could the captain list a complete inventory of what’s on […]

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WWE Booty-O’s

I know it’s “fake,” but I enjoy pro wrestling nonetheless. The best answer I’ve read from someone asked “why do you like pro wrestling?” is “it’s a live-action comic book,” and someone else has said that when you watch WWE you’re watching a show about a company putting on a wrestling show; in this sense, […]

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Minimum Wage: My Thoughts

Here is a list of articles and blogs I’ve written regarding Minimum Wage. Would A Higher Minimum Wage Help McDonald’s Workers? 5 Reasons Raising the Minimum Wage Is Bad For Birmingham Repeal The Minimum Wage Eugenics: Progressivism’s Ultimate Social Engineering The Minimum Wage, Discrimination, and Inequality The Hidden Costs of a Minimum Wage Art Carden […]

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