Monthly Archives: November 2016

My Thoughts On Uber

Ever wonder if you should Uber? Read on and then tell me what you think. So what is Uber a Substitute *For*? (, May 23, 2016) Art Carden Recommends – Discount Code ( Uber In San Antonio (, November 2, 2015) An Open Letter to Birmingham’s City Council on Uber (, July 22, 2014) Uber […]

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My Thoughts On Immigration

Many of us are thinking about the implication of having a new president-elect especially in regard to immigration. Here are some of my articles and interviews on the subject: Border Fences: Costlier Than The Problem? (, October 17, 2016) What You Don’t Know About Immigration Can Hurt You (, October 17, 2016) Immigrants and Their […]

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Matthew 18

Here are a few thoughts on the parable of the forgiven servant in Matthew 18: Our debt is of a kind that can’t be repaid. The 10k talents are a stand-in for impossibility–and yet when we ask for mercy, we still say “I’ll pay it back! I promise!” We are forgiven even above and beyond […]

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