Monthly Archives: July 2018

I Eat Things: Brats & Burgers & Fries

We’ve taken to rotating who gets to pick where we eat after church on Sundays, and during my wife’s recent weeklong trip I let each kid pick where we ate dinner one night. Here are some highlights. Brat Brot. I wasn’t expecting much on my first visit–I figured it’d be another overpriced hipster joint with […]

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I Read Things: Life From the Ground Up

Dante, The Divine Comedy (Audible). I love Audible because it lets me listen to the classics on my (short!) commute. You can get a Kindle version for $0 (click the image). My current listen is Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained. Thomas Sowell, Discrimination and Disparities. This reminds me a lot of Wealth, Poverty, and Politics, which came out a few […]

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