Personal Finance

Do you struggle with budgeting and investing? These will get you on the right track.

This is a really interesting and really useful read. Most of what you will read here will seem obvious, but I think you’ll be surprised at how it matches up with your habits.

This might be my favorite book in this space. Sethi offers a clear guide to personal finance that will get you on the road to independent wealth. Why might that be important? It’s easier to make the world a better place if you’ve produced a lot that *can* make it better.

This is a nice illustration of the ways in which you’re (probably) wasting money. Don’t step over nickels to pick up pennies, but be deliberate about how you choose to use your money.

Ramsey offers a lot of very useful suggestions on budgeting and habit-forming. I disagree with Ramsey about debt in some cases–if you can earn 8% on stocks then you probably shouldn’t be paying down your 4%, interest-is-tax-deductible mortgage. Nonetheless, this is uncomfortably straight talk for people who struggle with spending habits.

The author and I go back almost 25 (!!) years. If you’re wondering how to get and keep a good credit score, here’s a very handy guide.

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