I Play Things: Monopoly (Two New-to-Me Versions) and Mastermind

Monopoly Junior. David, my youngest, has wrecked me at this version of the game three games in a row. Every time, he has reminded me that “Monopoly isn’t everything.” It’s dramatically simplified, with a smaller board–two property groups and a chance space on each side, no railroads, no utilities, no houses or hotels–and it makes (importantly) for a very quick game.

Monopoly: Cheaters Edition. This is a cool and fun variation on a classic. It’s a fairly quick game relative to the original, we found, because the game ends once all the properties have been purchased. There are all sorts of different “cheats” you’re supposed to try. You’re rewarded for cheating successfully–and you’re rewarded for catching cheaters. So keep your eyes peeled. It’s also a good way to introduce and discuss things like lying and stealing and why they’re wrong.

Mastermind. This is a very interesting little code-breaking game I played with my youngest. It’s a fun little game, but it requires a bit of concentration. Maybe not so good for when there’s a veritable circus going on around you. Or maybe it is…

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  1. Reply Lawrence LaPlu

    My kids (6 and 3) have also recently enjoyed “Monopoly Deal” — card game version, founded on the original. Pretty simple to pick up, and fun for “kids” 3-55 (I am my in-laws enjoy playing as well :-))

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