Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my new blog!

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve blogged for Division of Labour, the Mises Institute, the Independent Institute, Kosmos Online, and EconLog, I write a periodic column for Forbes.com, and I’ve recently started blogging for LearnLiberty. In addition to my research and classroom teaching, I do a lot of writing by which I want to increase economic understanding.

But I also have a lot of material, so to speak, that doesn’t quite fit in any of these spaces. I’m an unschooling father of three, I spend a lot of time thinking about productivity and workplace performance, I have a lot of recommendations for books, software, and other bits of gear, and I also want to raise money for my endeavors at Samford University.

And so I’m writing this blog, where you’ll see (semi-)random observations about the life I live and recommendations for books, software, and gear.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy the ride.

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