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Selected Articles

This Christmas, Blame Supply And Demand For Your Expensive Gifts
(, December 22, 2016)

What Is the “Invisible Hand”?
(Intercollegiate Review, Fall 2016)

What Policy Makers Should Learn from Broken Windows
(Intercollegiate Review, Fall 2016)

The Economics Within Star Wars: The Force Awakens
(, October 30, 2016)

The Best Person To Plan Your Next Flight Is You
(, October 24, 2016)

France’s Burkini Ban Fights Islamic Oppression With Secular Oppression
(, October 21, 2016)

Yes, There’s An Envelope Lobby, And They’re More Powerful Than You Might Think
(, October 18, 2016)

5 Ways Market Competition Can Reduce Global Poverty
(, October 17, 2016)

Border Fences: Costlier Than The Problem?
(, October 17, 2016)

Tired Of Expensive Football Tickets? Blame Yourself
(, October 10, 2016)

Elon Musk Is No Capitalist Hero, But He’s No Bond Villain Either
(, October 9, 2016)

To Reduce Concussions in the NFL, Reduce the Amount of Equipment
(, October 4, 2016)

Perhaps It’s Time To Revisit Hayek On Institutions
(, September 26, 2016)

What Economists Mean When They Say People Act “Rationally”
(, September 23, 2016)

Despicable Me’s Gru Is an Example of the Entrepreneur No One Wants to Have Around
(, September 16, 2016)

The Unspoken Truth About Government Policies That Are Supposed to Help People
(, September 15, 2016)

Nintendo’s Rebooted NES Console a Nostalgic Reminder of Our Economic Progress
(, September 8, 2016)

Let Kids Buy What They Want
(, September 4, 2016)

Here’s Who I’m Blaming for Hamilton’s Exorbitant Ticket Prices
(, August 16, 2016)

FBI’s Exoneration of Clinton Illustrates Danger of “Two Americas”
(, August 14, 2016)

FBI’s Exoneration of Clinton Illustrates Danger of “Two Americas”
(, August 9, 2016)

Getting Rid of Inheritances Still Wouldn’t Solve America’s Inequality Problem
(, August 9, 2016)

Let Kids Buy What They Want
(, July 19, 2016)

How Starbucks Saved My Hands and Taught Me about Economic Progress
(, June 30, 2016)

Muhammad Ali Defeated A Lot Of Opponents. He Cannot, However, Defeat The Laws Of Supply And Demand.
(, June 10, 2016)

Do Immigrants Make Americans Worse Off?
(, May 5, 2016)

Why Read Adam Smith?
(Intercollegiate Review, January 6, 2016)

If We Keep Our Ethical Wits, We Can See over into a Great Enrichment
(, Winter 2016)

Uber In San Antonio
(, November 2, 2015)

Illegal Immigrants Don’t Lower Our Wages Or Take Our Jobs
(, August 28, 2015)

Review: Bootleggers and Baptists: How Economic Forces and Moral Persuasion Interact to Shape Regulatory Politics
(, Winter 2015)

Ride Sharing Is More than Just Taxi Problems
(, July 24, 2015)


Selected Lectures and Media

Autism Outreach speech with Andrew Reams
(Evolve Alabama, October 9, 2016)

Entrepreneurial Ways to Secure Research Funding
(Institute for Humane Studies, July 14, 2016)

Why You Need Your Own Academic “Elevator Pitch”
(Institute for Humane Studies, July 6, 2016)

Leave Me Alone and I’ll Make You Rich: How the Bourgeois Deal Creates Prosperity
(Macmillan Learning, January 4, 2016)

Should College Athletes Be Paid?
(LearnLiberty, January 14, 2015)

Dr. Art Carden on Reweaving Shalom in the Marketplace
(Charleston Southern University School of Business, March 25, 2015)

Should We Subsidize Scientific Research?
(LearnLiberty, January 28, 2015)

Should We Regulate Fishing?
(LearnLiberty, December 31, 2014)

Should the Government Subsidize Silly Walks?
(LearnLiberty, July 2, 2014)

Specialization and Trade: Because We Can’t be
Good at Everything

(LearnLiberty, July 9, 2013)

Existentialist School of Economics
(LearnLiberty, April 1, 2013)

The Bourgeois Era: Why Some People are Rich
While Others are Poor

(OrdemLivre, March 27, 2013)

The John Stossel Show
(Fox Business, November 1, 2012)

The John Stossel Show
(Fox Business, July 26, 2012)

On the Record with Art Carden
(Birmingham News, July 15, 2012)

Freedom Watch
(Fox Business, April 18, 2012)

Fiscal Fitness
(The Blaze TV, March 14, 2012)

Regulating Sugar
(OnPoint – NPR Boston, March 1, 2012)

The Story of Broke Response
(LearnLiberty, January 13, 2012) 

Waltonomics: Wal-Mart and Society
(MTSU, November 28, 2011)

Haiku: The Laws of Supply and Demand
(LearnLiberty, March 31, 2011)

Common Objections to Capitalism
(Copenhagen Business School, April 24, 2010)

Waltonomics: Walmart and Society

(St. Lawrence University, February 25, 2010)

Common Objections to Capitalism, Part II
(Radio Free Market, January 9, 2010)

Common Objections to Capitalism, Part I
(Radio Free Market, December 5, 2009)

Production and the Firm
(Ludwig von Mises Institute, July 28, 2009)



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