Why Not Capitalism?

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“Capitalism lacks romantic appeal. It does not set the pulse racing in the way that opposing ideologies like socialism, fascism, or environmentalism can. It does not stir the blood, for it identifies no dragons to slay. It offers no grand vision for the future, for in an open market system, the future is shaped not by the imposition of utopian blueprints, but by billions of individuals pursuing their own preferences. Capitalism can justifiably boast that it is excellent at delivering the goods, but this fails to impress in countries like Australia that have come to take affluence for granted.”

P. 3

Saunders, Peter. 2007-08. Why Capitalism is Good for the Soul. Policy 23(4):3-9.

For more on the subject check out Why Not Capitalism? by Jason Brennan and The End of Socialism by James Otteson.

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