Why Jason’s Deli Is My Default Lunch Place?

You know those days when you really want to eat fairly healthy but you don’t want to stand in a line or (honestly) talk to anyone?

Enter Jason’s Deli’s salad bar kiosk. Tap the screen. Swipe. Pick up your tray and plate. Eat. Exchange plate for a clean plate if you want seconds. Or thirds. Or…

Jasons Deli PlateJason’s has become my default location for meals out, especially lunches, and I meet my Dad there on Thursdays. The food is great, and while it’s possible to order the salad bar and then eat a few bowls of bacon, cheese, and croutons topped with ice cream, the salad bar also makes it easier to eat better. That’s especially nice as I’ve transformed over the last two decades from “skinny kid who can eat anything” to “guy in his late thirties trying to manage his health and weight.” And even when I want to order off the menu, the sandwiches and soups are also quite good.

And that whole “not talking to people” thing? It’s not like I want to be anti-social all the time, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to get a good meal with minimal conversation. I’m glad there’s a market for that.

In the interests of disclosure, my step-brother-in-law manages one of the Birmingham locations, and he does so expertly. I’d feel the same way about Jason’s Deli regardless.

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