A Bit of Recent TV: Omega

I finished “Salvation.” It’s fun brain candy popcorn tv with a sort-of-cliffhanger ending that makes me think a Season 2 is coming. There’s a nice, healthy dose of skepticism that the government will do the right thing, which makes it satisfying.

On the exercise bike in the basement, I watched “Omega,” which is a set of about a dozen very short episodes of about seven minutes each. It’s an interesting format that lends itself to a WiFi world where people are often looking at their phones during odd little five- and ten-minute bursts. It might be a good way for Amazon to draw some eye traffic away from Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

They’ll have to do better than this.

I only chose it because the kids were using Netflix and I couldn’t watch “The Office.” Perhaps I primed myself not to like it by reading the reviews, but it could be accurately described as “The Walking Skies” or “The Falling Dead” as it combines the aftermath of an alien invasion (Falling Skies) with zombification (The Walking Dead).

After four episodes, we had characters who don’t seem very interesting, no alien sightings, and apparently joy on Amazon’s part because the characters can say “f***” and its conjugates.

I decided to stick around for episode 5 because the preview suggested an alien reveal. Got it. Disappointing.

I gave up after five episodes. You probably shouldn’t waste your time. Please let me know if I’m wrong.

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