I Eat Things: Ghost Pepper Cheese at Carrigan’s Public House

It’s official: I no longer enjoy really spicy food. One of Birmingham’s better places is Carrigan’s Public House. They make a very, very good burger, but I’ve learned that the ghost pepper cheese option simply isn’t for me.

On a recent visit, I got the burger with the ghost pepper cheese, and while the fries were amazing–we also got the loaded fries as an appetizer, because sometimes you just need to indulge–I wish I’d just gotten the cheddar instead of the ghost pepper jack.

Spicy food? Yes. Really spicy food? Nope.

Of course, there’s an entire genre of YouTube videos of people eating Carolina Reaper peppers–2.8 million Scoville units, twice as hot as the ghost pepper. Rather than dignify such an exercise, I’ll instead offer you a link to season 3 of Teen Titans GO! which features one of my favorite episodes: “The Spice Game.”

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