I Read Things: Bedtime Stories With the Kids

She-Hulk The Complete Collection.  Our youngest (David) loves superheroes, and we’ve been reading Essential Hulk vol. 1 and a bunch of other stuff–origin stories, Little Golden Books, and so on–we’ve gotten at the library. She-Hulk is pretty interesting, but there are definitely parts that aren’t NSFLKBT (not safe for little kid bedtime). Preview and skip judiciously. Of course, there are parts of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that are gruesome enough to skip, too.
Ramona Quimby audiobooks. David goes to sleep listening to an audiobook every night. The Ramona Quimby books are among his favorites; they awakened a love of reading in me right around when I turned eight. The audiobooks are read by Stockard Channing.
My Side of the Mountain. I loved this book (and books like it) when I was younger. My oldest and I got a little over halfway in and then lost it, so we’re going to have to pick up something else until we find it again. I’m thinking Call It Courage.
The Fellowship of the Ring. I didn’t read these until grad school–I read The Hobbit in 7th grade, if I recall correctly. My friend Bradley Birzer has said that he thinks people will read The Lord of the Rings in 500 years as one of the classics of world literature, so hence I’m excited about reading it with the kids.
The Divine Comedy (Clive James translation). So this isn’t actually bedtime with the kids but my off-again, on-again listen when I’m driving. It’s as arresting a set of mental pictures as I’ve ever heard or read.

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