I Write Things: Economics and the Environment

I’ve always been interested in environmental issues, and I’ve written some papers, articles, and reviews on the issue. Here’s sort of a one-stop shop for those.

The Creation of Knowledge in Society: Waste Defined by Property and Exchange
(Independent Institute, July 25, 2017)

More and Better: Resources Defined Through Property and Exchange
(Independent Institute, May 5, 2017)

A New Bet?
(Regulation, Fall 2016)

The New Holy Wars: Economic Religion Versus Environmental Religion in Contemporary America
(Iee.org, Fall 2016)

What Should Austrian Economists Do?
(Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, August 21, 2014)

Economic Calculation in the Environmentalist Commonwealth
(Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, July 30, 2014)

Of Fossil Fuels, Forests, and the Future of Prosperity
(econlog.org, November 11, 2013)

On climate change, government is not the answer
(Washington Examiner, November 17, 2012)

Just Give Them Water Filters And Whatnot
(artcarden.com, April 21, 2011)

Green economics or environ-mysticism?
(csmonitor.org, December 2, 2010)

Environmental and Resource Economics
(Mises University, August 1, 2009)

Environmental Economics
(Forbes.com, April 21, 2009)

Should we Be Recycling or Building Battlestar Galactica?
(Mises.org, December 22, 2008)

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