I Watch Things: Teen Titans GO! To The Movies

We’ve been waiting for Teen Titans GO! To The Movies for quite some time now, and we’re glad we got to see it on opening day. It doesn’t disappoint. It’s very self-aware: the movie hits a lot of superhero movie tropes and has a lot of fun at the expense of the genre. You can pick up the story from the trailer: Robin wants desperately to be a “real” superhero and have a movie made about him. They pick up an arch-nemesis (SLAAAAAAADDDEEE!!!!), hilarity ensues, they learn a Very Special Lesson at the end, and there are some cool surprises along the way.

If you really like TTG and/or have kids that do, it’s worth seeing now. If you haven’t been waiting for it like we have, it’s probably not worth dropping $10 a ticket and you can probably wait for it to come out on digital/DVD.

Season 5 is also available now on Amazon.

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