May the Force Be With You: My Favorite iPhone Game

iPhone GameIf you’re looking for a really good game for your smartphone, I recommend “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.” It’s an excellent RPG in which you collect a group of characters on the Dark Side and the Light Side and complete a series of missions and battles. You collect characters, gear them up, level them up, and so on.

Every so often you get additional Energy that you can spend taking on different missions. There are several in-game currencies that you can use to buy upgrades and such that will make your team more powerful, and if you’re really impatient you can use actual money to buy more Crystals, and Crystals, in turn, will let you buy more in-game upgrades and gear.

I think the game teaches an important lesson and serves as a valuable metaphor for the rest of life.

The lesson: good things come to those who wait. If you wait long enough, you can earn enough crystals to get some really good stuff. I’ve been using mobile games and the like as teaching tools with the kids, and I plan to use this one more extensively. I think it can be a useful tool for exercising willpower.

The metaphor: think about the people in your life and how you help one another. How can you help the people around you? And further, how can you equip the people around you so you can work together to do great things?

So after you’ve run through your first dose of energy, take the lesson and apply it. How can you equip the people around you so you can work together to do great things? You might not be able to win training droids, but if you use your imagination I’m sure you can find something.

And if you haven’t seen the movies, you can get them here.

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