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Here’s an oft-overlooked wellness advantage: financial wellness. I recently spoke to three groups of students from Hoover High School on economics, and we went through a few exercises on how much money they would have by investing $458.33 per month between ages 22 and 67.

We also looked at how they think about the value of their time by looking at what they want to do when they’re out of college and how much their time is worth assuming a 40-hour, 50-week year. It’s illuminating: if you’re going to be a chemist making $114,000 per year, that’s $57 per hour. If you make decisions with tomorrow in mind, it means your time is a lot more valuable than you might think. Had I known this as a teenager, washing golf clubs for $5 per hour wouldn’t have looked so attractive.

I know some students will never look at it again. My hope, though, is that a few of them will change course as a result.

If you want to improve your own financial wellness, here’s an online personal finance course I did for the Institute for Humane Studies a few years ago. It’s $0 and open to anyone.

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