A Thought Dog Binge with Dexter Guff

I’ve recently started listening to the best productivity podcast I’ve ever encountered: Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You, and You Can Be Too. Guff is the thought leader’s thought leader, and his podcast is thought leadership at its thought-leadering best.

In a few short episodes, I’ve learned how to turn a big profit by buying energy drinks and reselling them in high school parking lots, how to boot losers and people who aren’t focused on my success and my needs out out my bubble, that hosting a conference means instant credibility, why I should pick conferences and speaking engagements based on the hotel, and why meditation is a stupid waste of time.

I first learned about Dexter from Mike Vardy’s “Productivityist” podcast, and I spent most of a recent Saturday binging on Dexter’s #thoughtdogs. He’s definitely smarter than me—but if I implement his simple steps, I will be, too.

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