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Robert Nelson, The New Holy Wars I reviewed this for The Freeman in 2011 and reread it for an IHS discussion colloquium at Samford recently. Nelson reads economics and environmentalism as theological systems, meaning that they involve sets of transcendent ordering principles. It aged well; especially the chapter on Frank Knight.

Neil V. Sullivan, Bound for Freedom: Am Educator’s Adventures in Prince Edward County, Virginia. An educator’s memoir of what it took to open schools for black students who had been shut out when Prince Edward County closed the public schools in response to court-ordered desegregation. It’s a reminder that “the race problem” is tragically complicated: racists tried to intimidate Sullivan and others who were working to open the Free Schools, and it’s a sad reminder of human willingness to do horrible, personally costly things in the name of racist ideology.

Kristen Green, Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County: A Family, a Virginia Town, A Civil Rights Battle Prince Edward County, Virginia is an arresting example of racism in action in Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains.” I actually found this book at the Lovelady Thrift Store in Birmingham and mostly consulted the endnotes for references and material on the Prince Edward County school segregation-and-desegregation battle.

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