Monthly Archives: December 2016

Some Recent Reading

Hallie Erminie Rives, Smoking Flax. I’m reading this for some ongoing research on lynching, crime, and the Southern economy. It’s a defense of lynching in the form of a short novel featuring predictably one-dimensional characters and racist tropes. It’s a quick read and a useful foray into the rhetoric of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century […]

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Hayek On Truth

“If truth is no longer discovered by observation, reasoning, and argument, but by uncovering hidden causes which, unknown to the thinker, have determined his conclusions, if whether a statement is true or false is no longer decided by logical argument and empirical tests, but by examining the social position of the person who made it, […]

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Elections and the Sovereignty of God

Just before the election, I signed the “Economists Against Trump” open letter. Trump’s rejection of globalization is based on fallacies, and while I hope there is less domestic regulation in a Trump presidency I fear that on net, the rejection of globalism and the potential erosion of reasonably robust political institutions in the West will […]

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