Monthly Archives: November 2017

Recent Reading e7

Robert Nelson, The New Holy Wars I reviewed this for The Freeman in 2011 and reread it for an IHS discussion colloquium at Samford recently. Nelson reads economics and environmentalism as theological systems, meaning that they involve sets of transcendent ordering principles. It aged well; especially the chapter on Frank Knight. Neil V. Sullivan, Bound […]

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A Thought Dog Binge with Dexter Guff

I’ve recently started listening to the best productivity podcast I’ve ever encountered: Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You, and You Can Be Too. Guff is the thought leader’s thought leader, and his podcast is thought leadership at its thought-leadering best. In a few short episodes, I’ve learned how to turn a big profit by buying […]

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More in the Recent Reading Series

Doing the Best I Can, Kathryn Edin & Timothy Nelson: I bought this on Bryan Caplan’s recommendation, and it doesn’t disappoint. He’s right that it’s absolutely engrossing: the authors do extensive interviews that give readers a look into the lives of unwed urban fathers. The cultural difference is particularly puzzling as the authors point to […]

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