Monthly Archives: March 2017

Wellness Advantage

Here’s an oft-overlooked wellness advantage: financial wellness. I recently spoke to three groups of students from Hoover High School on economics, and we went through a few exercises on how much money they would have by investing $458.33 per month between ages 22 and 67. We also looked at how they think about the value of […]

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Can Time Management Be Made Stupidly Easy?

A review of Michael R. Clark, Time Management Made [Stupidly] Easy: A Modestly Simple Guide to Time Management. Yes. It’s useful to have regular reminders. This is a breezy and accessible introduction to and synthesis of a lot of the things people have written on time management over the last several years. Those familiar with this […]

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Lifehacks For Preparing For Your Next Exam

In order to better prepare for your next exam, I suggest you do the following: First, work through end-of-chapter problems. You need to try to do the problems without any help from a classmate, the textbook, the answers, or anything: as uncomfortable as this will be, it will show you what you don’t understand. Second, […]

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