I Read Things: 1848–or 8000 BC—And All That

Mike Rapport, 1848: Year of Revolution. This is a detailed look into the revolutions that rocked Europe at the beginning of the “treason of the clerisy”–Deirdre McCloskey’s term for the intellectuals’ rebellion against European liberalism and embrace of socialism, nationalism, and nationalism. James C. Scott, Against the Grain: A Deep History of the Earliest States. […]

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I Read Things: Bedtime Stories

Essential Hulk, Volume 1. This is bedtime reading with David (our five-year-old). It’s interesting to read comics from the 1960s and see, among other things, one of the ways in which fear manifested itself in the early cold war. Rise of the Isle of the Lost. This is the third novel in the Disney’s Descendants franchise, […]

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Bust Your Writer’s Block

“I don’t know what to write about.” The affliction plagues us all. The blinking cursor mocks us. Everything else in our lives that needs to be done calls out to us, saying “don’t write right now. Watch a movie. Clean the kitchen. Aren’t you hungry? It’s a nice day for a walk. You’re tired—you really […]

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