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Blog – Page 2 – Art Carden: Economics Everywhere, for Everyone


Wellness Advantage

Here’s an oft-overlooked wellness advantage: financial wellness. I recently spoke to three groups of students from Hoover High School on economics, and we went through a few exercises on how much money they would have by investing $458.33 per month between ages 22 and 67. We also looked at how they think about the value of […]

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Can Time Management Be Made Stupidly Easy?

A review of Michael R. Clark, Time Management Made [Stupidly] Easy: A Modestly Simple Guide to Time Management. Yes. It’s useful to have regular reminders. This is a breezy and accessible introduction to and synthesis of a lot of the things people have written on time management over the last several years. Those familiar with this […]

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Lifehacks For Preparing For Your Next Exam

In order to better prepare for your next exam, I suggest you do the following: First, work through end-of-chapter problems. You need to try to do the problems without any help from a classmate, the textbook, the answers, or anything: as uncomfortable as this will be, it will show you what you don’t understand. Second, […]

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A Brief Tech Win

I’m studying “Productivity Through Technology” in the Get Momentum Leadership Academy this month. I’ve done this a few times, and it’s nice to have a monthly checkup and focus on this aspect of my workflow. Here’s a tech win from Valentine’s Day 2017. I’ve been using StickK.com to track a commitment to say “no” to […]

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5 Tips to Reach Your Goal

If you’re like me you have specific research, teaching, and service goals in this new year and new semester. If you’re like me, you’re also wondering what you need to change in order to make those goals happen. Here are a few things that have helped me: 1. Turn off all your notifications on your […]

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