House of Cards is “Politics Without Romance”

I’m late to this party: I just recently started watching “House of Cards” on Netflix. As an economist who studies and teaches the economics of political decision making, I find it absolutely captivating. It’s a spectacular example of the public choice tradition, which the Nobel laureate James Buchanan defined as “politics without romance.” After watching […]

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Traveling With Ease

TRAVELING WITH EASE I took my new backpack and new suitcase on speaking trips to McKendree University and Hampden-Sydney College. I was surprised at how much easier flying is with a four-wheeled suitcase that rolls in all four directions, and the “TSA Friendly” laptop sleeve made airport security less of a hassle.

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The Gulag Archipelago As It Relates To Socialism

Over the last several weeks I’ve read Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s epic The Gulag Archipelago, which is three volumes and almost 2,000 pages of sordid memoir recounting one of history’s grimmer examples of man’s inhumanity to man. Excused by enthusiasts for socialism as the tragic excesses of Stalin’s rule, Solzhenitsyn shows that the Archipelago predated Stalin and […]

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